Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Frankenstein!!!

I'm addicted to surgery. ;)
Yesterday, I went in to have a chronic ingrown toenail removed.
It wasn't the entire nail, but just a wedge on the medial (outside) edge.

I thought the Doctor would be able to do it in the safe confines of his clinic, but it was actually considered a day surgery.

Working in a hospital, I get used to all kinds of different smells. However, once I walked into the operating room, an overwhelming stench of Formaldehyde filled the air. It was actually the chemical called Phenol, which they use to cauterize the nail bed after the nail is removed, and the smell quickly took me back to high school science class, dissecting the frogs and piglets....

I found myself getting nervous. As I lay on the table, the nurse asked if I was worried. My high blood pressure was a dead give away. I felt calm, but I guess my body didn't know what to expect.
I found that I was actually less nervous about my back surgery years ago. I guess that it was the point of me being awake while somebody sliced away at my body that bothered me.

This all helped me re-enforce the importance of keeping my patients as calm and reassured as possible before their surgeries. I think it is easy for nurses to forget that these people have worries and concerns about their upcoming procedures.

After the initial small sting of the freezing, the nail was lopped off, and I was on my merry way. Now I have a week off with Ellery, and rookie training camp starts tomorrow!

I should plan surgery every year at this time.


Chief Rock Chef said...

Toes today, it will be a nose-job next week! :-)

My nails can only dream of growing inwards - I pick mine to pieces!

mikedup.tumblr.com said...

Walk it off!

Wreggie said...

Turf toe will make it a game time decision whether or not you play.