Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We've got rednecks!!

Last week, we had some new neighbors move in.
They live in the three bedroom apartment across from us, and from my count, I see 7 of them

Let me paint the picture;

The dad is about 45, wears Harley Davidson T-shirts with the sleeves ripped off, camo pants, a Nascar hat, and of course he has the redneck goatee.

The mom is dressed like she's straight from the 80's with puffy hair, and tight black jeans on.

The angry 15 year old son is full of angst, as evidenced by his huge screaming fit at both parents this evening. Of course, they patched things up with a family cigarette break on the balcony.....

There are two younger daughters around 12 and 9, and two other boys probably around 6 and 8.

I think Ali jinxed the block when she said how nice and safe our area was. Now we have our own version of Dog the Bounty Hunter just outside our window.

Ellery's first words will now be "Get me a damn beer, woman!"


Chief Rock Chef said...

Aw, that sounds so nice! Summer will be such fun!

Wreggie said...

Can you see them standing out for a smoke break in January?

Are they Canadian or US? Cause we grow some good rednecks down here and I don't cotton to foreign competition.

Chris said...

Chef - I'm dreading when it's nice enough for no shirts at all!

Reggie - They're Canadian, one of the six redneck families that we have up here.
I've never heard that you don't "cotton" to competition before. I'm going to use it now!

Wreggie said...

A very old Southern saying.

You know...they sell Country Ham in shrink wrapped plastic that doesn't need refrigeration.

And some stone ground grits would be good too. You didn't have any of those.

Maybe a care package is in order.

mikedup.tumblr.com said...

The way I figure it, Ellery's first word was going to be "f**k" anyway, why not an entire sentence?

Well, Irene and I are trying to win the lottery but the gd lottery guys aren't picking our numbers... soon as we win, you guys can get that new house!

How's that for redneck, my money is invested in.... THE LOTTERY!

James said...

Isn't the 9 year old pregnant yet? Probably by one of the brothers?
They aren't proper rednecks then.....