Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Care for a drink?

It bugs me when people under the age of 30 drink wine.
To me, wine seems like a sophisticated drink. Most people under that age are not sophisticated.

I hate when people say "We just sat around, drank some good wine, and chilled."
First, how the hell can they know the difference between a good wine and a bad one?
Second, do they think that they're in that "artsy" group that actually hangs out, just to drink wine?

Some of my co-workers drink wine. Never mind the fact that when we have a social gathering, they drink enough wine to kill a horse, and end up puking it all up in the neighbor's yard. Remember, they enjoy a fine Merlot. It doesn't burn the esophagus as much when it's spewing out at 100 miles per hour out of every orifice in your upper body...

Then there's the people that drink wine with pizza. Pizza is made to be had with beer, not wine.
Imagine the messy table with napkins, opened pizza boxes, chicken wings - then a fucking wine glass beside it. That's so wrong.

I've tried different wines. I've had white, red, blush, whatever. It should be made to drink in the house, out of sight from your buddies, and please don't try to bring that shit to my next Superbowl party. I'm not serving chilled pheasant in a glass, escargot, or your grandparents.

Wine is for 30+. Remember that.


Ali said...

I'm 29 and I drink wine...from a box, is that bad?

Wreggie said...

Okay...(trembling at the keyboard)...Yes most people develop a taste for wine later in adulthood. I didn't start enjoying grownup wine until I was in my 30's.

Don't burn bridges my day you make enjoy the subtle nuances of the fruit of the vine.

Yes you can get quiet knee buckling drunk from the stuff as many do.

Wine seems particularly suited for some foods and occasions.

Men don't drink wine at football gathering unless they are about to come out.

Generally women have an affection for whites and men like more heartily flavors of reds.

I plan to introduce some wines to my 30 year old nephew at Jekyll. He has expressed curiosity and I want to send him down the right path.

It is a culture as much as a drink. I will teach him proper glassware, opening techniques, serving, tasting, and I even will present him with a double jointed opener.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Good job I am WELL over 30 then!

I drink wine - I like an Australian Shiraz - Merlot tends to suck.

Wine and pizza is PERFECT!

Having said that, on a hot summers day you can't beat a few cold beers...

Jay Gray said...


I will tell you a few reasons people under 30 drink wine.

1) It can be very cheap (Box-o-wine)
2) It can get you very drunk
3) It is very easy to drink

I do enjoy a good tasting wine but I find it hard myself to spend much on something that doesn't seem to go a long way.

I have found a few bottles of wine that are under $15 that both my wife and I enjoy. We will usually try to pair them with food.

But I will be honest, if I am worn out from beer for a night or just want to get a good buzz and not spend a lot of money, a cheap, face making wine usually does the trick.

I just hope Wreg doesn't disown me as his nephew after reading this!!!

Chris said...

Ali - Box = class anyday. ;)

Wreggie - I have to say, there are a few wines that I can stomach. My favorite part about your comment was when your buddy doesn't drink wine at a sporting event unless he's coming out. LOL!

John - Aussie wines are even huge here in Canada. They must be doing something right...

Jay - I am always amazed at the labels describing the wines. I mean, how can you not like "subtle tickles of raspberries, infused with a small orgasm of bluberries, topped off with a gentle kiss of dandelions?" :)

Slyde said...

for what its worth, i never really had a taste for it until recently, and im 10 years past 30.

Rock Chef said...

Yep. I think we have Mony Python to thank. They once did a sketch about Australian wine that included a wine that had a bouquet like an Aborigine's armpit. These days I think places like Australia, South Africa and Chili do the best wines around. I have also had some good stuff from California. I rarely buy French...