Monday, May 11, 2009

To quote Madonna, "Holi-dayyyy!"

Today marks my first week of vacation since September of last year.
The weather is finally nice, it's Ellery's big 1 year birthday this Wednesday, and we're heading home for a fishing derby.

What's not to like?

At my hospital, they're starting a new pilot project to retain older nurses. They are offering anyone who is 50 and older with their "magic 80" (the total of age + years of service) the chance to keep working with 6-12 weeks of extra time off. The rate of pay will be %55 of the gross income.

Free money to stay on the payroll but not to work? Where do I sign up?

At the moment, I'm on my "magic 36." That looks awfully sad.
Why wouldn't they offer this to younger nurses, say 25-35? We young'ns always get the shaft.


Chief Rock Chef said...

Happy Birthday to Miss E!

I still can't believe it is a year!

Hm, I think we could all do with a job offer like that!

Wreggie said...

What's not to like?