Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Elite" athletes

So Jay Cutler, QB of my beloved Broncos, is pissed off that the team was listening to offers from other teams about a trade.

He took the low road, publicly announcing that he thought he was the future of the team, and would never play in Denver again.
The kid is in his early 20's, he's signed a deal for 6 year/$48 million, and he's complaining.

With today's economy and people losing their jobs everywhere, I hope nobody shows this idiot any sympathy. I hope he gets traded to a shitty team, and he never sees the playoffs again.
Let them give him something to complain about....

Maybe I'll just cheer for the Panthers full time. At least Julius Peppers is a team player....oh, never mind.


Wreggie said...

No, we need more fans.

Chris said...

Sign me up.