Monday, March 23, 2009

It's the meds, alright....

I've got this little head cold. The kind where everything I do feels like slow motion.

Couple that with this allergy pill that I took last night, and it was a TKO at 9 p.m.

I think the women at Shopper's Drug Mart think I'm a junkie who doesn't know how to pick the right meds. On Saturday, I went in for anti diarrhea pills. Yesterday was sore throat meds, and today was Vicks vaporub, and sinus pills. Talk about an awesome pill party!!!

Anyway, aside from that, it's finally warming up here. I can see greenish grass poking through the remnants of the winter ice, and we enjoyed a walk in the plus 4 weather.
On a side note, why does liquefied dog poo decide to stay on the sidewalk, while everything else just washes away?


Wreggie said...

Warm? Warm! It's not warm down here yet!

80...when it gets 80 it will be warm.

Chris said...

Hell, I'll take 60 right now.

Chief Rock Chef said...

All I know is, if they put dog poop into paint you would only have to paint your house once!