Thursday, April 9, 2009

Are you in the band?!?!

With warmer weather comes the start of concert season.

Going to see a live rock show is one of my all time favorite things to do.

This August, AC/DC will be gracing us with their presence at the Winnipeg Stadium.
There aren't many shows that we say we have to go to, but this is one!

Here is my concert resume of some of my favorites:

Bachman Turner Overdrive - my very first concert when I was 7 years old

Green Day - My first concert at the old Winnipeg Arena (my first show by myself)

The Tragically Hip - My all time favorite band, I've seen them 8 times across Canada, but one great show was at the bird Amphitheatre in Minneapolis Zoo. I've also had the privilege of meeting them backstage in Sakatoon, Sk.

The Rolling Stones - I made the mistake of taking my sister, who was wearing a skirt in Winnipeg, in October, at an outdoor show. I watched the entire concert by myself

The Rheostatics - Another of my favorites, I've seen them about 6 times

The Weakerthans - A local Winnipeg band, slowly picking up a solid following of listeners

U2 - The best stage show that I've ever witnessed (on my birthday)

Oasis - Would have been better if it were 10 years ago, but still great none the less

Various outdoor festivals - Including Los Lobos, Sheryl Crow and Wilco

Eagles - Another huge act, probably the best sounding live show I've seen

I wish Canada would get into more outdoor events like the UK. They know how to hold a festival....


Chief Rock Chef said...

Best outdoor festival I have been to was when I was around 19 - Gary Moore, Van Halen, AC/DC, all in one day! Oooh Yeah!

BTO? One of the first albums I ever bought - the one with "You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet" and "Roll on down the highway" (I think that's what it was called). Loved that band!

Jay Gray said...

I have seen many a great bands. Probably saw 150+ bands at 60-70 different shows from the time I was 15-20.

Highlights include seeing Creed 18 times from the tiniest of venues to to the largest of arenas and seeing Pearl Jam several times including front row and center seats.

Concerts used to be my lively hood but as my taste in music changed, I got older, and tickets became so expensive, I rarely go anymore.