Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can't you just shut up?

On tonight's newscast, there was a segment about people putting out road side memorials in tribute to a loved one.
An old man was interviewed, and was complaining that it was up too long, and he wants the city to take it down.
This had come up a while ago, and a girl fought the city when they asked her to remove a memorial to her uncle who was killed as he was working on a city street. City officials gave her a deadline of 2 months, while she argued that it should remain for at least 6 months.

I'm all for road side memorials. Who are they bothering? Maybe if you happen to live on a street, and an accident happened in front of your house, you would get a little tired of the people coming around. Suck it up. What would you do if it were your family?

The next segment featured a woman fighting a speeding ticket that she had received while speeding through a construction zone. A recent ruling had a judge throw out 9 tickets, because the signs only specified "Slow down while there are workers present."
Evidently, there were no workers around that day. Regardless, it was still designated as a zone where you need to adjust you driving conditions to remain safe.

It appears that people just aren't happy unless they are bitching about all the small things.

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Chief Rock Chef said...

I have nothing against roadside memorials if they are looked after. I hate seeing some of the ones that I pass each day that are just a pile of mouldering flowers and rotten teddy bears. Who would want that dedicated to them?

Speeding tickets? As a cyclist my thought is to prosecute them all, and if they argue you crush their car! That would shut them up!