Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summertime fun

Some of my favorite memories of when I was younger included going to the beach on sunny days.
Most of my childhood pictures show me in a canoe, or in the water, fishing with my sister, or sitting by a campfire.

We used to take long road trips for our "big" vacations every year. We made it down to the East coast of Canada, then ventured down to Kentucky. We headed the other way, driving to Arizona/New Mexico, and back home through the Canadian Rockies.

In a few short weeks, we will be taking our first family road trip, as we head to Alberta to visit my favorite cousin, and her awesome family.
I hope to show Ellery as many good times as I had growing up, and if I can fashion myself to be like my dad, she'll have a blast.

I know Ali will keep Ellery entertained during our drive, and I actually think that the drive there will be one of the most fun parts of our trip!


Guynonymous said...

take her to dunns!

James said...

Oh man, yeah those are the best memories.....I hope my kids have lots of those, on the beach, the late summer nights at the funfair....

You don't have to bother till Ellery is 4 it's a proven fact no kid remembers before that age once they are grown up..think of the money you can save till then!