Monday, August 11, 2008

Retirement plans?

I'm fairly new at my chosen profession (only 4 years now), but from time to time, I think about when I retire.
I get quarterly statements about where my pension is at the moment, and it makes me laugh. It says I'm entitled to around $200 per month - so far. I can live on that right? Maybe in Mexico....
Thank heavens for savings accounts.
I think about when I was in the Military. Had I remained in my chosen field, I would have 12 years in, and a half decent pension.
When it comes time for me to "Hang 'em up", I hope to settle with Alison somewhere warm for the winter months, and remain in Canada through the summer months. Most Canadians do this, and they're appropriately called "snowbirds".
I would like to head South to Mexico, Texas, or maybe Florida, although is seems quite pricey.
All I know is, that I want a tan in February.

What plans do you have for retiring?


James said...

Hi Chris,

you were in the military?

OH shit I have bad feelings when I think about my pension. I have had so many jobs I have like 5 different bits of pension plans. I have a stack of pension-related material about 12 inches thick I need to go through and chase up.

Ali said...

Freedom 75 baby! Whoooo!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Very few!