Friday, August 1, 2008

Respect is earned....unless you're over 65

Ali and I were at Wal-Mart yesterday buying some necessities, and like any other day, it must have been seniors day.
If I am walking through a store and see a mother with kids approaching, I get out of the way. They have enough to worry about, with their kids pointing at things, crying, sleeping in the cart, or trying to fit that chocolate bar under their shirt before you make it to the till.

As Ali made her way down an aisle, an older woman was looking at laundry detergents. She had her cart in the middle of the isle, and she was bent over with her ass sticking out way too far for a woman that age. She glanced up at us, and went back to comparing prices. As we passed, she gave a look to say "how dare you bother me", and it was Ali apologizing for going by. That's our fault as Canadians, we're too friendly.

Other older couples were rushing around the store. The thing that separates these seniors form the rest of us "normal" shoppers, is the fact that they walk shoulder to shoulder to block off the entire lane. Again, they give you a look because we're in their space.

To top it all off, they had 6 cashiers open (all at the same end) so everyone was crowded in one place, with the lines twisting and turning through the women's unmentionables.
I commented that they always seem to do this, and an older guy in front of me said the he works at Safeway, and this would never happen. We'll see. The last time I checked, seniors shopped at Safeway too. 10% Tuesdays is waaay too tempting.


James said...

We don't get that. The old people are too frightened to go out any more.

Guynonymous said...

what I hate is when you're shopping and it's an old people convention on a main aisle. They have their carts, blocking people off completely yet nobody has the balls enough to tell the elderly to move it along.

Every time I swear I'll say something next time....

Ali said...

Guynonymous - I said something just this week to a bunch of geezers blocking the door at Safeway! It was a true Capy moment :)

Guynonymous said...

awe... cappy kicks geriatric ass!

Chief Rock Chef said...

They're not too frightened where I live - they are out in gangs, ranpaging through the streets, terrifying the teenagers! We are talking about the generation that was flick-knife-wielding teddy-boys here!

OK, maybe I exaggerate, but once they hit the supermarket, all bets are off - the chances are that you will spend the next hour trying to get out of the bread aisle while these thugs deliberately block you in!