Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The big 3-7

Today marks week 37 of the Bean's gestation.
Technically, it can happen any day now, and I think Ali and I are both ready.
I booked Ali an appointment to see my massage therapist. She went in to see him for 1/2 hour, and felt great. I complain when I'm a little bloated and gassy, I can't imagine how she feels lugging a 6.5 pound human around every single minute of the day. I give her full credit though, she gets through every day, and is still able to laugh and make me laugh at the end of the day.

In general, I want to thank all women for being strong. You know if it were up to men, most would stop after one kid if they even wanted to have one at all. We don't do well with pain, and we complain as if we're still 3 year olds...

Aside from that, my beloved Montreal Canadiens advanced to the next round of the NHL playoffs.
As we were sitting in our prenatal class last week, one of the other dads-to-be (who happens to be a Habs fan) was leaning over, looking across Ali, and whispering quick updates from the hockey game. Apparently he had a friend watching the game, and she was text messaging him the score.
Every time the nurse has separated the men from the women for different exercises, the men would undoubtedly start talking sports. I used this as a way for the guys to open up, get comfortable around each other, and ultimately, this would help us finish our task at hand.
I guess this furthers my thirst to one day become an instructor at a nursing school somewhere.
I love to teach, and to explain things to people.

Imagine that, professor Chris.


Rock Chef said...

You are right - if child birth was down the men we would have died out thousands of years ago.

Any time now - everything is there, just growing from now on. Strangely, my wife says that the bigger they were the easier it was to get them out! The biggest was 11 pounds and she temporarily lost the use of her arms after that one (only a few of minutes). Go figure! Thank God it isn't down to us guys!

Ali said...

Yeah - I'm tough, but you are too :)

Hmm, Professor Chris? Is it wrong that I'm thinking about that scenario and how it could play into our um...husband/wife time?!