Sunday, April 13, 2008

30 years (young)

I had a pretty good birthday.
A few days before, I had a small get together with some friends, went went bowling, had some beers, and had a good time.
On my actual birthday, I had to work. Ali picked up some awesome take out, and we had a nice late supper together. I opened a few gifts (even one from Butterbean), and then we relaxed.

Today, we began our spring cleaning. We cleaned up the patio, washed down the BBQ and the windows, scrubbed the horizontal bird poo splashes off the screen, and threw out the random garbage that got stuck in the bushes. I always wondered how birds manage to swoop down under our roof, and poop on an angle against our screen. I think they hate us.

One month until our lives officially change forever. The room is finished, the diapers are stacked, the crib has fresh crib sheets, so let's begin!
It's hard to describe the feeling. The last few months have been going by so slowly, yet, it seems like it's still sneaking up on us.

I have a busy work week ahead of me, so I'm going to bed early. Goodnight moon.


Rock Chef said...

I think the local birds have been watching the old war movie "633 Squadron"!

It is amazing how slowly those last weeks pass, I remember it well. We often felt it was all unreal, that somewhere ther had had been a big mistake. With our first (which was supposed to have been impossible, you may remember) I remember my wife having a dream that she was finally in the labour ward with all the midwives, nurses, doctors etc gathered around and then she just let rip a huge fart and her belly deflated!

Reggie said...

Happy birthday. Enjoy every minute.

Ali said...

For my birthday I'd like a gun...not something too big, just one the perfect size to shoot all those crazy ass birds.

mike said...

awe... crib sheets!

*gets all giddy*