Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In need of a holiday

It seems that Ali and I are very swamped at work lately. I'd like to say that we're both busy due to the holiday rush, but I think it's just a build up of a lot of crap that just seems to hit the fan all at the same time.

The weekend can't come fast enough. Ali has her Christmas party this weekend, then it's my ward Christmas debacle, er, party the following weekend. This is the only time in my life I've seen a room full of professionals go crazy, doing shooters like it's last call, and drinking other various drinks form some questionable containers such as tube feed bags, and foley catheter bags....
Don't worry though, they're straight from the packages.

On Thursday evening, we're going to a private ultrasound clinic to look at Butterbean. I'm excited to see how he/she has grown since his/her first photograph at age 8 weeks.

I managed to get the TV of my dreams after all. My parents went to Bemidji Minnesota with my aunt and uncle for Black Friday.
I ended up getting a 46" LCD Sharp Aquos for the low low price of $999. That's no typo, I saved over $1000 by buying during the sale. After the baby is born, we'll introduce them to a great TV show called Nanalan. The puppets on there are hilarious, and the mailman is constantly flirting with the old granny, so there's some adult humor in it too. It's my second favorite kid's show....my favorite kid's show mentions me and a guy named Paul a lot. Take note Mike, maybe Chris and Paul can be a good influence for once? ;)

Wow, look at the time. It's almost 9 O'clock.....bedtime.


Backpackermomma... said...

I have a Nanalan' dvd that my wee one has outgrown. I'll send it your way and you too can become intimately familiar with the theme song. Which they play alot. Over and over. Throughout the whole dvd. Alot.

Rock Chef said...

Was that Canadian dollars? Jeez, you guys get things so cheap!

mike said...

WOOOOOOOOOOT ( I can't believe I just said that )

WKTV on big screen.... butterbean is gonna be my favorite fan....

you know there will be a boat load of references to my favourite niece/nephew next season right?

Glad to hear you guys are doing good. Keep on keeping on!