Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A sound that's sweeter than a new Tragically Hip album

I went with Ali to the doctor's office today.
As she got comfortable on the table, the doctor squeezed some cold ultrasound gel on, and then it began.....

My first experience of our baby's heartbeat. I counted the beats per minute in my head, as the doctor checked the baby's rhythm, and compared it to Ali's. It sounded good. I'm not just saying that because it's OUR baby, it really sounded good. I made eye contact with Ali, and it honestly took everything I had not to start to bawl like a little girl. I had an image to maintain after all.;)

Lately, I've been watching TLC shows like Bringing Home Baby, and A Baby Story. I'll call Ali at work with updates. I know Ali will be a good mom, and she's pretty tough, so I think she'll handle everything pretty well.

We both had to get some blood work today. As we were standing in the waiting area, a four year old boy was getting impatient waiting there with his mom. He started demanding that they go for a drink NOW, and started peeling off his jacket, followed by his sweatshirt. He was running around the room wildly, in nothing but his little Levi's jeans, and a white muscle shirt. He had very light blond hair, which was buzzed right down to trailer trash length. You'd understand if you saw this poor kid. His mom had no control over him, and he even ran into the lab itself a few times. The mom stood by the door, and demanded that the boy get back to his seat. At one point, a lab technician actually had to walk the boy back to his seat. When the mom told him that he was "pissing her off", he cocked back his little arm, and threatened to give her a hay maker.
I laughed at first, mainly because I was shocked, but mostly at the mom's reaction. She crouched down to his eye level, looked him straight in the eye, and said "go ahead, I dare you."

After three or four of these threats, he took her up on the dare.

I guess he was paid back in the end though, it was him that needed blood work.


mike said...

I just laughed at the haymaker comment too!

I know both of you are gonna make awesome parents... I also know someone who's gonna be an ok uncle too!

Rock Chef said...

The sound of the heartbeat - they should offer to sell it to you as an MP3!

It is parents like her that make me think there should be some sort of parent's license...

Backpackermomma... said...

We had a little tape recorder and actually recorded the heart beat. Too awesome. The tape warped after time (and constant use) but it was neat to have it for a good while.

Congrats to you both...enjoy it all.