Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spare change?

Usually, I'm all for giving some spare change if they are polite about it.
As Ali and I were driving home from a little shopping today, I saw the strangest thing.
I was in a turning lane, stopped at a red light. An elderly man and his wife were in front of me.
I looked around as we waited for the light to change. There were a couple of street people walking around, scouring the ground for any loose change, or aluminum that they could cash in.
As I looked ahead to the car stopped in front of me, I noticed that the old man had opened his car door. I thought that he was going to give these people some money....

Here's what happened next. The old guy bent down to the ground, and scooped up a few coins that were lying on the road. What a cheap bastard!! He was driving a nice Buick sedan, he was a veteran, and he was collecting a pension!!!
As if he really needed that fifty cents on the road. To the people in that area, extra change could mean some food (hopefully) or some other necessity. Ali and I were floored. I've seen people refuse to hand out change, but to collect it from the road, just because you're a cheapskate? Not cool in my books.

Speaking of cheapskates, I bought myself some shoes for $15 and got Ali some fancy pants for $1 at this giant warehouse sale today.

My back is feeling a little better. It looks like I may avoid surgery, and opt for some Cortizone injections to help relieve some of the swelling. I hope they work.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Rock Chef said...

Maybe the guy is saving up for a holiday home in Florida or something!

$1 for pants? How extravegant can you get! You could have given that dollar to the guy in the car!

Good luck with the back treatment!

mr zig said...

pants for $1.00? and fancy pants at that? nice! :)

mike said...

so I guess it's rob from the poor and give to the rich now eh?

wait, was George Bush in winnipeg?

Good deal on the shoes, are they dash perchance?

mike said...

why you no blog?