Tuesday, October 9, 2007

For John

Hey all, (especially John) I realize I've stalled a bit again.
It's funny, when I say I won't let the lack of blogging get the best of me, I don't do it.

My back feels a little better. Today was the first day back to work, and the 12 hour shift was the first test. So far, so good.
We have another group of students on our ward right now. I get excited to teach students new things, and sometimes consider teaching part-time at my old College. I had one instructor in particular who always bugged me to apply....

These days of Fall are kind of depressing. I leave for work, it's dark. I drive home from work, it's dark. The only time I see daylight is when I look out my patient's window.

My parents are going to Cuba next week. They are going to the same location where Ali and I enjoyed our honeymoon. Cayo Coco is a small "finger" just off shore form the mainland. It was abandoned years ago by the local fishermen, who were finally over-run by mosquitoes. When they left, they left behind their livestock, and even now you can find wild goats, cows, and dogs roaming around the streets.
Now that Cayo Coco is suited for tourists, it's fogged for bugs, and actually quite beautiful. We still say that Cuba has the nicest beaches we've seen. The people there are also very friendly.

I took my mom out hunting last week. My dad was working nights, so he was sleeping during the day. I wanted to go hunt some Grouse, and my mom wanted to go along for the drive. I think she got into it more than me. As I was scouting out the woods for birds, she had her head completely out of the car window, scanning the treeline for any movement....
We got 5 birds in our two mornings of hunting, so I was happy.

That's it for now. Time to relax before the chaos known as hospital life resumes tomorrow.


Rock Chef said...

My brother went to Cuba last year and loved it - his one bit of advice was to make sure you knew the exchange rate to avoid getting totally ripped off when buying stuff.

The teaching sounds like a good idea. You would be great at it and it could be a good direction to take your career if your back problems continue.

Good luck with it all!

mr zig said...

Thats cool that your mom came hunting with you! - a hunting mom, and a kick-ass cooking baking mom!? thats cool...