Monday, October 22, 2007

Goin to a rock show

Tomorrow after work, I'm joining a friend to see the band The Sadies.
They are playing a small venue, and personally, I prefer a small venue to a big arena show.

I saw this band once, when they opened for my favorite band The Tragically Hip. I'd describe them as an instrumental band, with lots of 60's surfer style music. It should be good.

As I was returning a movie tonight, I heard of another good band called Sunset Rubdown. They are playing here in Winnipeg on Halloween, and I'm hoping to see them as well.

After all of these, I have tickets to see The Weakerthans on December 22. This will be a good early Christmas present.
The best part of all three of these shows is that they are all in 200-1000 person concert halls.

It should be a good few months of rock and or roll...........


Rock Chef said...

I haven't seen a live band in far too long! The nearest place that has biggish names is about 50 miles away, impossible to get home again using public transport and tends to be quite violent!

You are right about smaller venues, I hate it when you have to strain to see the band, or worse, have to watch a screen! What's the point of that?

mr zig said...

I love going to shows, but I always come home frustrated with my level of guitar playing... But I still like going..

mike said...

so jealous!

Never heard of them before the Hip concert but since then I've heard them many times...

have fun tonight albino chocolat

mike said...

soooooo why the no go?m