Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's on my mind today...

This is a post about nothing....I'm back to work, the weather sucks, and I'm feeling kind of crappy lately.
Here's some randomness.

1. We'll probably start looking for a house again soon. I'm excited, but also a little nervous.

2. I'm still in the good books with my manager. She actually helped me with some "nursing" stuff today.

3. I want to teach somebody something. More specifically, I'd like to have a student again.

4. I'm currently on a body wash kick, and I have to say I might never go back to soap again.

5. Ali made really good pizza tonight.

6. I want to go on a vacation really bad right now. I'm thinking beach, and warm water.

7. People who talk on their cell phones while driving still make me want to snap.

8. I want to get another tattoo soon.

9. Ali has been cranky lately, but so have I.

10. I'm working all weekend, so I avoid painting the bedroom. (Yessss!)

11. I hate our current bank with a passion.

12. My legs are hurting after my run tonight.

13. I'm concerned about my sudden onset of back pain again. The same kind which required surgery a few years ago...

14. I'm tired, and am going to try to get Ali to bed early tonight as well.

15. Why am I numbering these?

16. I wonder what would happen if you sneezed with your eyes open?

17. I talked my friend Aaron into buying a "Neti" pot for his allergies. Thank you, Dr. Oz...
If it works, I might get one too.


Ali said...

Cranky? Me? Wha????

Okay - maybe a little smidgen...sorry shy.

Rock Chef said...

House hunting - but that means moving house, which is the worst thing in the entire universe!

Netti potti - Logziella says it is great.

You want a student again? You just want to be like the guy on Scrubs, don't you? :-)

mr zig said...

1.)Buy a house near us! then you can have that giant football field nearby - and a guitar hero challenger too - Oh, and by the way, Fridays "incident" has got me practicing again

3.) If you need a student, you can have me - I need to learn about fishing! When is fishing season anyway? - I don't want to ice fish - at least not yet, - so next year you can teach me to fish

11.) I know where you can go instead ~ It's happiness there