Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mid Summer update

It has been unseasonably cool here. We have broken records for 8, going on 9 consecutive months of cooler than normal weather.

My days off are spent with Ellery, and we would normally be at the park, or trying out her new inflatable pool, but the crappy weather has limited us to the odd park visit.

This kid is beginning to love to climb things. It started at the playground, rushing up and down to keep up with the bigger kids. E tries to socialize with the kids that she meets, but most just stand there like duds. I guess they're a mirror image of the parents, because the parents don't have much personality either.
Here's an example - Ellery walked up to a little girl wearing Dora shoes. She pointed to the shoes and said "Dora!". The older girl, probably around 5, curled up her arms just as a kid does to avoid a dog, and looked the other way. She didn't even acknowledge Ellery's presence.
I guess Ellery intimidates kids too.

My Bombers are slowly gaining ground. We now have a new Quarterback in camp, and if he can get the Offence going, we will have a well rounded team, as our special teams and Defense has been kicking some serious ass.

I made it out for our annual fishing trip with the father in law.
The weather was cold and rainy ALL WEEK, but we toughed it out, and still managed to catch lots of fish.
As we would sit around the cabin each night, usually over drinks, I would just sit back and listen to our conversations. I thought of what another person would think of our topics, and language.
This was male bonding at it's best. Lot's of cussing, belching, passing gas, and laughing.
Listening to my father in law and his childhood best friend hurdle insults at each other was quite entertaining. I felt as though I was a part of the crew once those insults were directed at me.

It was fun to hear a lot of their stories from when they were younger.

So, with two final weeks of holidays approaching, this signals the end of our summer months.
I look forward to the Fall, taking walks in the cool evening air, and NFL football.


Wreggie said...

Man....cold already?

Slyde said...

its unseasonably cool here too.

it bumms me out..

Rock Chef said...

The last 2 weeks here have been great, today is especially good, going to 29 degrees this afternoon.

E sounds great. I hate it when kids don't act like kids. Why rush to grow up?