Sunday, November 30, 2008

Best Christmas memories...

Tomorrow marks the first day of December, one of my favorite months.
Stores begin to play Christmas music, lights are being put up everywhere, trees are being sold at most corner gas stations, and the streets are jam-packed with people.

I remember one particular Christmas when I was 7 years old. I heard a sound on the roof (looking back, it was probably snow falling off) and swore it was Santa. My mom played right into it, and told me that he wouldn't come down the chimney if I stayed awake, so I quickly pulled the blankets over my head and forced my eyes shut.

The next morning, I jumped out of bed, woke up my sister, and ran downstairs. There on the table in the living room, were 2 envelopes. I opened my letter, and It read "Dear Christopher, thank you for the milk and cookies. The Reindeer loved the carrots, too."
I was blown away. Santa is on such a strict schedule, but he took the time to write a personal note to me and my sister?
The rest of the morning was spent opening our gifts, eating breakfast, then heading outside to show our friends what we got.
On the way out the door, my mom stopped me to show me the living room carpet. In a direct path from the chimney to the tree, were heavy boot prints - Santa's bootprints!

It turns out our elderly next door neighbor wrote the letters so we wouldn't recognize the writing, and the boot prints were my dad's....unless my dad IS Santa.

My parents are the best. These are the kind of things Ali and I are going to do with Ellery.


Chief Rock Chef said...

That sort of thing is great. We always put out a drink and mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph (which is half eaten in the morning...)

Having young kids at Christmas is the best thing you will ever experience!

James said...

Ah Chris why didn't you post this on my blog as an entry for the Christmas competition? It's still open till Friday

James said...

PS That profile picture is great is (was) that hair for real?

Irene said...

We would do the exact same thing every Christmas- leave cookies and carrots and milk- and you know what, Santa wrote us a thank you card too every year! Crazy! How does he find the time!!

And aw, yeah, I can't wait to have a kid to do all that cool stuff at Christmas time and other such times of the year. One year, my grandma snuck outside to ring bells, but my brother made it down the stairs before she could get back in. So she had to hide under the deck until we went back up to bed- with the classic line of "Santa can't come in and put the presents out unless you're asleep."