Friday, October 17, 2008

Why the bad rap?

So, our Nurses union fought to get us a more competitive wage. Part of the agreement was that we remain 4th highest paid in Canada. Saskatchewan was without a contract while this was settled, so it was decided that once Saskatchewan reached a deal, we would go back to the table and get 25 cents per hour more.
Sask. settled, and after crunching the numbers, we received an additional 5%, resulting in a 10.2 % for this year.
The local media took it upon themselves to announce this to everyone on last night's news telecast. They should have just left it at "Manitoba nurses received an additional 5% increase in their hourly pay today." Instead, they went on to break down our pay with full pay scales for everyone to see.
I can see it now - The public will again be complaining how much the nurses are paid. There will be a trickle down effect, and our health care aides will consider strike action.
How often does the average working slob have their pay announced on the news?
Why do our patients give us the same B.S line that they "pay our wages?" The last time I checked, I pay taxes too (probably a lot more than most).
I can't recall seeing the bus driver's annual salary on T.V. or the local newspaper (who is currently on strike) advertising their pay scale.
I think this is another way to give the nurses more unnecessary bad press.
Thanks for nothing, media. Maybe some day I'll have you on my ward to "pay my wages" and we can discuss this like adults.


Ali said...

Hey - I'm part of the media...wanna fight? ;)

James said...

That does seem unfair- think there must be laws against revealing stuf like that in the British media as I don't recall seeing anything like that.
Personally I think nurses are worth every penny of what they can get-unlike some other public servants.

Chief Rock Chef said...

The nearest I have seen over here was a while back when we were told how much a tube train driver COULD earn - assuming maximum hours on grotty shifts, etc or what *some* Doctors are earning these days.

I think the basic argument is something like "if you f$%k up at work, do people die?" If the answer is yes, you should be paid accordingly!

Slyde said...

Here in the US all we hear about is how perfect the canadian health care system is.

We still have miles to go before we ever catch up....

Holly Hall said...

Hello fellow Nurse!

I didn't realize that you were a nurse when I first commented way back when.


I don't quite understand why the public, the people you are serving are irritating at your wages.

Down here, there is an appreciation for nurses in most parts.

How does this all work up there?

What was your training like?

I am sooo curious!


Mrs. Hall