Sunday, May 18, 2008

I've got a staring problem

Since the first day we brought Ellery home, I find myself unable to peel my eyes away from her.
If we're watching TV, Ali and I both jump up a commercials to check on the baby as she sleeps.

It is such an awesome feeling to have her right in front of us, after many years and countless heart breaking nights, thinking of the prospect of never having kids.
I now know what all fathers feel when they talk about their kids, and how they want to nourish them and protect them for the rest of their lives.
The funny thing about this whole experience is that I'm the one who tears up when I hold her, or say anything related to my little girl. I have never been so emotional. It's so bad I bawl when I see a certain commercial, or hear a certain song. I'm such a girl....

One of the thing that I enjoy most is watching our parents hold Ellery. I remember my mom running into the hospital room for her first visit. She immediately started crying, and kept repeating "Oh my God, she's beautiful." At one point, she actually stomped her feet and flailed her arms a little. I think she might have a bit excited to finally become a grandma. Again, I cried, but so did everyone else in the room.
Our parents now look for any excuse to come into the city, or give us a call to see how she's doing.

I am so thankful to finally have this little miracle baby here in our lives. Now our family is complete.


mr zig said...

dude, I know exactly how you feel... After all it was only just a short while ago that Rachel was born... And you know what? Even now I still get choked up when I see her. This fatherhood thing is kinda crazy awesome, and I can see your gonna be pretty darn good at it!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Yep, I know exactly how you feel - we weren't supposed to te be able to have kids either.

Better to be a girl than a tough guy who can't show his emotions!

As I have said many times - you are going to be the best dad!

Judy said...

This post made me cry too.

James said...

Hi Chris,

There is nothing else like it is there? To actually create something-a new person-out of nothing. It is the biggest thing you will ever do.
Enjoy the time when she is tiny and take LOTS of pictures/videos because you will be amazed how quickly she grows and changes..I mean really astounded they change almost daily.
Regards to Ali