Monday, May 12, 2008

I guess I'm not as patient as I thought

Yesterday consisted of getting an early morning call to the hospital, only to wait, wait, and wait some more.
After almost 7 hours of monitoring, walking, and more monitoring, they sent us home to hopefully have contractions and maybe even some labor symptoms....

It's easy to see that nothing has happened so far, and I can only imagine the stress that our parents and friends (and fellow bloggers) are experiencing. Every time the phone rings, we're hoping it's that call back to the hospital. I've done this trip so many times already, I think I can set the cruise control on our car and it can find it's own way there. I hate waiting by the phone.

To add to my impatience, daytime television is full of programs such as Bringing Home Baby or Baby Story. We're surrounded by babies, just not the one that matters to me the most.

So here we sit, bags packed, list of phone numbers I have to dial after the bean's arrival, MP3 player to listen to music, magazines to read, and snacks to enjoy.

All we need now is for that phone to ring.....and some comfy seats for support people in the hospital rooms.


mr zig said...

all that waiting sucks - but hey, at least you're prepared for when the call comes - right? - Soon dude, soon - before you know it you'll be making that 2km/h drive back home with baby in the back!

Rock Chef said...

My wife used to go nuts around this time, nuts enough for both of us so I never really got to do the pacing bit.

Hope they get things moving soon!

mike said...

what zig said...

soon you'll be changing diapers, laughing at just how god awful the smell is and all the while loving every minute of it.

You're right, I'm getting pretty impatient too. I can't wait... EEEEEEEEEEE <--- my school girl impression