Saturday, August 25, 2007

Baseball is fun....please tell that to the other teams.

I missed the first game last night, as I was at the Blue Bomber game.
We got beaten so badly, that they stopped the game after the fourth inning.

Skip ahead to today. I was able to play today. I was going to say I was able to help my team today, but we are really in over our heads in the division that they placed us in. We are ranked 16th of 16 teams in "C" division, and have been outscored a total of about 54-6 in three games.
It's too bad, because we're supposed to be playing for fun. I just wish the other teams got that same message.
It turns out Aaron (co-manager) was talking to the Commissioner of the league today, and he has the nerve to say "Oh yeah, I was looking at your stats. I think I should have put you in another division." You think?

Tonight we go to a house party, which is technically our "unofficial" windup party. At least I can drink away my sorrows. It will be short lived though, we still have two games to play tomorrow. Yay......

The big difference maker next year will be the matching T-shirts. That, and I'm buying cleats.
Wish us luck!!

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Rock Chef said...

It is a shame when you find yourself in that sort of situation. Over here they put on a front of "sport is for everyone". This front allows them to get funding, but when it comes down to it they only want the jocks. If you are not great you will quickly find yourself sidelined for the rest of your life.

Hoping you get in a better league next season!