Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back, after a little break

I realize I've neglected my blog lately. As it turns out, I'm also a member of Facebook, which can be addictive at times....
I've just returned from Ontario, where Ali's family from down East was visiting. I tell you, there's something a little intimidating about having five teenagers surrounding you in a house. Non-stop eating, belching, farting, laughing, wrestling, complaining, being lazy, and eating again can be a lot to observe when you're not used to it.

I have my final baseball weekend coming up on Saturday, and I think we'll do alright. We have an "unofficial" windup party at a co-worker's house Saturday night, then the real deal the following week.
Before all of this though, my dad will venture into the big city for another night of football on Friday. They are honouring Milt Stegall pregame, so that will be exciting. It's a good thing we'll be there at 5:30 when the doors open.;)
When I was at my parent's house on the weekend, I couldn't help but notice all of the Blue Bombers merchandise that my dad and I have. My car has a few decals on it, as do my dad's Altima, Neon, and their new van. When I walked inside the house, I hung my Blue Bomber lanyard beside my dad's Bomber jacket and his Bomber pullover. At that time, I was wearing my new Bomber sweatshirt.....
If all that wasn't enough, I bought my dad a Bombers mouse, which I'll give him on Friday.

Sorry I've been neglecting you, my little blog. I promise to get back on board.


Rock Chef said...

Um, so what team is it that you support? :-)

5 teenagers sounds like a real challenge. At least you were not supposed to keep things in order!

mike said...

"Blue Thunder Gold Lighting!"

Logziella said...

We forgive you...just don't go it again...ok! :0)