Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some truths about men

It is in our genes that we cannot fold sheets or towels properly.

What we think is "clean" really isn't clean at all.

A dirty car makes us want to shit ourselves.

We can cram 2500 more pieces of garbage in a trash can than the average woman. It's never too full.

Most of us are scheming how we could make a living playing video games or watching sports.

We subliminally make our wives suggest buying them flowers, moments before actually suggest it ourselves. By then it's too late, and it looks like we're buying out of guilt.

We can trick our noses into not smelling the disgusting odours that linger in our home.

We have a hard time leaving the house without having our hair brushed.

We flex in the mirror whenever we have no shirt on. And yes, we still suck in the gut, even though it's just us looking at ourselves.

Ladies, I hope that helps a little. A quick glance into the mind of a gentleman, or a little boy at heart.


Chief Rock Chef said...

Yes, I think this is true!

Unfortunately I think the worst one that you missed is:

"They hope that if they do something really badly they won't be asked again."

Slyde said...

the video games one is dead on for me!

Mrs. Hall said...


The trash thing is an issue at the Hall household.

My husband likes to empty all the trash into one garbage bag and leave it open on the kitchen floor while he finds more stuff to cram in it.

But we have young kids who find this fun to tip over and mess around with.

And it doesn't mattter how many times I point this out, he keeps doing it.

Well, I could take out the trash, that might solve the problem.

Oh wait . . never mind .. no problem here .. .


Mrs. Hall

Guynonymous said...

when single men will always honk their horns at women as they drive by... even though it's pointless.

No woman in the history of drive by horn honking has gotten turned on, found out who owns that car and then proceeded to strike a conversation