Friday, June 27, 2008

Today is the home opener for the Blue Bombers. Not only do I enjoy going to the games, it's the whole ritual of what my dad and I do.
We get to the stadium early, watch the pre-game warm up, enjoy a smokie or two, drink a cold beer, and just take in the smells and sounds of the game.
Again, I picture myself a few years down the road. My dad actually mentioned that once Ellery is old enough, we will have to buy a third season ticket so she can come out with us.

The best part about today is that I finally have a distraction away form the fact that I'm home alone for the entire week. It's wierd seeing an empty crib, or not hearing the usual baby sounds coming form the other room. After work each day, I come home and make myself supper, and then it's bedtime by 10:00. I feel like an old man....
I can't wait to see my girls again on Sunday night.

P.S. Thumbs up this week to Ali/Ellery, Theresa(thanks for the card) John, Reggie, and Zig.
Oh, and Phoung Nam Restaurant....


Teresa said...

Oh! I am so glad you got it so fast...usually it takes a lot longer to get something to Winnipeg. I'm glad you got it in your week of such lonliness too...hopefully it cheered you up some!

Also, just wanted you to know that reading your blog frequently brings tears to my eyes just "listening" to you talk about how much you love Ali and Ellery is so touching. Especially in this day and age where many men don't express themselves in this area much b/c it might not be considered cool. I love that you are you and don't care and I love that you LOVE your wife and baby so much! Your a gem Chris!!

James said...

Hi Chris,

you put it very well when you wrote about the empty crib and the quietness...isn't it amazing how you got used to having all those new sounds around once Ellery got there, and how quickly you miss them!

Glad you got a day out at the game. When is the next game-do you only go to the home matches or to all of them?

Ps I would say something like Teresa did know it's a guy thing..I can't.

You are a cool dude Chris

Chief Rock Chef said...

I love that you are so excited about being a dad, and that you don't mind admitting it! They will be back soon enough and you can catch up on the daiper changing!

I must admit that if I was in your position I would be a total wreck!